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Garden of Growth

Private Lessons

Private Lessons with Megan

This is an invitation to grow in an intimate environment catered to your unique aspirations.

Megan is available for private and group lessons. Each yoga session is designed to provide you with a custom, restorative experience. Your session will begin with a discussion to gauge what you would like to receive from your class that day, as well as anything you would like to work through- physically, mentally or emotionally. You will then be guided through traditional, healing yoga postures and into a relaxing, meditative state.

Experience what the transformative benefits of these sessions can bring to your life by signing up in the schedule section of The Garden of Growth. To learn more, get in touch with Megan for a free 30 minute phone consultation, or, write her telling her what what you would like to get out of your session.

Private Sessions

Private sessions are the perfect opportunity to gain a deeper awareness of your body and mind. Learning about yoga in a private setting provides you with an opportunity to gain a more in depth awareness of yogic philosophy while affording you the opportunity to work through any challenges you may be experiencing in a safe environment. Private sessions hold a space where you can release what is no longer serving you and intimately connect to places within you that are difficult to access in group classes at yoga studios. Throughout the course of your private journey into yoga and meditation, you will receive practical tools and insight so that you may enjoy and cultivate your own sustainable yoga and meditation practice- an invaluable gift that will serve you for a lifetime.

Group Sessions

Group sessions provide a space for deeper connections with others and with ourselves. Megan is certified and well-practiced in teaching yoga and meditation to all ages and levels of experience. Group sessions are useful for families, couples, children, coworkers and friends who want to learn more about the physical and mental benefits of a yoga practice while strengthening their connections with one another. Group sessions provide an especially useful tool for those facing challenges or adversity. Compassion and understanding, concepts innate to a yoga practice, are discussed in each session, laying the foundation for healing relationships. Group sessions with Megan provide you and your loved ones with the tools to experience life in a more peaceful and fulfilling way while bringing you closer to one another in a positive, safe environment.

Sliding Scale

Megan offers a sliding scale payment system because she believes yoga should be available to all beings everywhere. If the listed rates are beyond your budget, contact her below to discuss a more accessible fee.


Free 30 Minute Phone Consultation

Private Yoga Session

1 hour – $60

2 hour – $80

Group Yoga Session

1 hour – $80

2 hour – $100

Multi Session Package Deals

3 Private Lessons – $150

3 Group Sessions – $200