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Garden of Growth

The Garden of Growth

The foundation of the Garden of Growth is the practice of caring, mindful, and regenerative ways of being in the world.

My name is Megan. During my years studying philosophy at Loyola University of New Orleans I grew fascinated by a common thread woven through ancient texts that values a deep appreciation and union with natural systems. I completed two 200+ hour yoga certifications during my formal schooling to learn how to better care for myself and others, and soon after graduating, I completed a Permaculture Design Certification to further my understanding of how to be in right relationship with our environment. We are in the sixth mass extinction of life on Earth. My intention in creating this space is to share some of the ways to preserve and connect with the magnificent biodiversity on our planet through the philosophies and skills that altered the course of my existence.

The Garden of Growth is a place to learn and embody new and ancient ways of being in the world. In creating and sharing the Garden of Growth with you, I hope to inspire you to care for yourself, your community, and the land. Your life provides infinite opportunities to reveal your hidden potential and connect more intimately with being alive in this moment. The Garden of Growth is a place to explore these concepts and bring them into being.

May we grow, together.

In love and solidarity,